Not sure what to do this weekend? Tinder Social is here to help!

Not sure what to do this weekend? Tinder Social is here to help!



“Swipe right” just got a lot more interesting. Online dating app Tinder has just launched a new service called Tinder Social which lets you find new groups of people to hang out/party with. Take a quick look at this video:




Here’s how the company blog describes it:

Upgrade your social life any night of the week—if you want to go out, invite friends to join your group, then swipe and match with other groups nearby who are also going out. Message your matches, see where they’re going, make a plan or just find out where people are headed, meet up and have fun. Twilight concert in the park? Find out who will be there before you go. Pub crawl tonight? The more the merrier. Just going out for cocktails? Find out who’s going where and then easily connect once you get there. Just remember—at noon the next day, your group expires, your matches disappear, and your Uber turns into a pumpkin.


With Tinder Social, users can choose to add friends to their group via Facebook, and then match with other groups that are in the area.


Source: Tinder


An older version of Tinder Social was tested earlier this year in Australia. It is now being rolled out in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India. “Our users were very much focused on immediacy and cared about what they wanted to do tonight,” said Co-Founder and CEO Sean Rad. “We made a considerable amount of changes to how it works since the Australia launch and oriented the entire product around going out tonight.”


If one member of both parties matches with the other group, all members of each group see that as a match in their inbox, gaining access to the group-chat that includes both groups.


To use it, users must first opt in to the feature within the existing app and:

  • select who they are going out with – other members of the group must also be signed up to the service
  • say where they are going
  • say what they plan to do


Users can then see other groups. If a member from both sides “swipes right” to pick the other, members can then make the necessary arrangements via a group chat feature.


As a security measure, users may leave a group at any time. Furthermore, the next day, the group chat expires, and individual members need to like each other to stay in contact, assuming they have not already swapped other contact details.


For now, Tinder Social is completely free to use.

But Rad suggested his firm could make money by adding premium features, which users would need to have a Tinder Plus account to access.

Tinder Plus currently costs £3.99 for under-28s and £14.99 for older users, allowing them to look at members they had initially rejected and see people who live in other parts of the world.


What do you think of the whole concept here? Is it a big yay or a major nay? Tell us in the comments! You can learn more about Tinder Social here.


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