IT Help Desk Trends

IT Help Desk Trends

With the revolution of technology, IT firms have grown on a global scale over the last 10 years. It is safe to say that the IT industry has been the most influential industry worldwide. Although there may be many firms that would disagree with this statement. We have already seen the growth of IT help desk worldwide with the birth of Cloud and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Here is a list of five important help desk trends of 2016 predicted by Richard R. Shapiro, Gregory Ciotti, Gregory Ciotti and Jeanne Bliss, all experts in the field.

1. Constant rise in the Multi –Channel Servicing

With the development of internet technology, companies now have to keep track and respond to emails, chats, texts, apps and the list goes on. All companies are looking for efficiency and consumers nowadays are very demanding. The bright side is that IT help desk and other technology are developed to organize data, increase efficiency and be responsiveness.

2. Voice recognition is on the rise

Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa rely on voice commands. The days where you had to type your query in to a search engine, may be a distant memory in times to come. Clarifying doubts through spoken word is going to be the standard. This trend, coupled with the increasing sophistication of artificial intelligence, will make companies want to invest more in these technologies.



3. Wearable technology, no longer a fashionable item

This will enable businesses to provide a level of specific services to customers individually. However there are concerns raised about privacy, but believes that eventually consumers will overlook this and just like the smartphone. Wearable technology will turn into a must have. In addition emotions can be detected through biochemical feedback. How a company responds using the data will determine if there is a positive impact on the relationship between the customer and the brand.

4. The personal and predictive technology

This is with regard to customer satisfaction. Like tracking your orders and avoiding the hassles and numerous procedures (that would have been required) to locate the package. Technology saves time and enhances the experience. Employing it to make the customer experience easier and faster will become the new norm.

5. Apps for everyone

Customisable apps for businesses will soon be a trend, as these apps will enable companies to track consumer activities and channel activity with ease. This will also help create awareness among the consumers about the company’s latest offers and incentives. However this adds to the list of tasks for companies which will have to keep the information up-to-date and fresh, incorporating innovative and engaging features to keep savvy customers interested.

Change is inevitable

To conclude this site has taken opinions of the general public in USA, Europe and Asia. The results show that people all over the world are adapting to new technology. Change is inevitable, and many agree that IT help desks are becoming the new norm as they provide convenience,they are timely and cost effective.


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